Farmhouse Christmas Wreath, Rustic, Embroidery Hoop, Barnwood


My original design Special Delivery Farmhouse Christmas wreath is made of blue and white buffalo plaid personalized with Happy Holidays, Joy or HO HO HO in a custom barn wood embroidery hoop. My secret antique barn wood finish has a grey brown finish and takes me 2 days to make. Minimal Wreath feel.

I created this product, the first one of its kind, with fabric and greens in the center 3 years ago. Others may try and imitate my designs, but none have my secret barn wood finish, hand made florals (not just a floral pick from the hobby store) that I put together stem by stem, and custom ribbon, with the gorgeous fabrics and custom fonts I use.

Also included is a beautiful Farmhouse bow made of red and blue stripe ribbon, blue and red special delivery print ribbon. Sparkly blue and red elements complete the winter wonderland look.

A beautiful beaded metal hook is included on the back for ease in hanging.

This takes a great deal of time and attention to detail, but the end result is worth it. There is nothing like this out there! A unique design that will look great on your front door or your wall to compliment your Christmas Decor.

REGULAR WREATH: Wreath measures approx. 14" x 12" from the top of the hook to the bottom of the hoop and from the end of the florals to the end of florals. Hoop itself is approx. 12.25" diameter.

LARGE: Wreath measures approx. 16" x 14" from the top of the ribbons and florals to the bottom of the hoop and from the end of the florals to the end of florals. Hoop itself is approx. 14" diameter.

EXTRA LARGE: Wreath measures approx. 20" x 18" from top of hook to the bottom of hoop. Diameter of hoop is 18".

Note: Some materials may be substituted for materials of similar "feel" due to supply, subject to change without notice at the discretion of The Burlap Cottage.

Keep wreath out of the elements.

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Materials: Metal Hook, Wire, Embroidery Hoop, Gift under 50, ribbon, Buffalo Plaid Fabric.


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