Christmas Tree Skirt, Buffalo Plaid Christmas Decor


Made of natural high end, upholstery grade burlap, this Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt is approx. 60" in diameter, with red and black buffalo check on the edge. The upholstery grade burlap has a tighter and straighter weave and makes a huge difference in the end product. You cannot find this grade of burlap at the craft stores. This burlap does not have the strong odor and is much less fuzzy than the burlap in craft stores. FULLY LINED, unbleached muslin almost completely eliminates shedding on your floor from the burlap. All edges have been serge stitched to prevent fraying. Skirt has a slit opening and hidden closures.

Optional Initial in Black with high grade transfer process for a professional, crisp finish that will last for many years to come.

***READY TO SHIP while supplies last, non-personalized usually ships out next business day, with personalization takes 3 days to produce in addition to shipping time selected.

***What Makes My Christmas Tree Skirts Different than any other Burlap Tree Skirt?***

1. Upholstery Grade Burlap. Less fuzzy than fabric/craft store product. Much straighter and tighter weave for a visibly superior product. No strong burlap odor, this burlap has been cleaned during the manufacturing process. Many other tree skirts are made using craft grade burlap, the difference is night and day.

2. My Tree Skirts are Lined with Unbleached Muslin. Craft grade, unlined tree skirts can leave quite a mess on your floor.

3. My Tree Skirts are Round. What? Sounds pretty basic, shouldn't they all be round? Be sure and check the listing photos of not only mine, but others as well, you may be surprised to find how many handmade tree skirts are not very round.

4. Does the tree skirt lie flat? Again sounds like a given, but if the skirt is out of round and the trim goes in and out unevenly on the edge, you will see tree skirts that do not lie flat and have that "homemade" look, not to be confused with the much different professionally sewn, "handmade" skirt.

5. My Tree skirts with my custom made trim. Whether it is tartan plaid flannel, Ticking, etc., I custom make all of my piping trims and take great pride in the evenness and quality of the trim. Look for a trim that is consistent and does not look thinner in parts and thicker in others, there is a lot of skill that goes into achieving a professional, consistent, quality look.

6. My pom-pom tree skirts are trimmed with home decor, professional grade, large pom pom's. Many competitors out there use more of a craft grade and smaller pom product. These tree skirts are also lined, most are just turned under on the edge for a much less substantial product that you can see right through.

7. All edges are serged with a safety stitch to prevent fraying in the years to come.

8. Hidden Closures. Who wants to draw attention to the back opening? Discreet hidden velcro closures make this tree skirt a cut above the rest.

9. Personalization. I use a crisp, professional grade transfer process applied with a professional press. The results are perfectly crisp lettering that will last for years. ve.

10. Fast turn around!

11. The final thing that makes my tree skirts unique are my designs. I have been designing and making tree skirts for many years. I love coming up with new designs and I am always looking for ways to make my handmade products the best. Others may try and copy my designs, but none out there can make the same quality product as The Burlap Cottage®. Check out my reviews and number of sales. The higher the number is usually an indicator of a quality product, good quality control and best of all, happy, satisfied customers. As in most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Listing is for tree skirt only.

All products come wrapped in a ribbon with store tag and a bow. This makes it extra nice when your order is a gift..

All items are hand made and I use natural burlap which part of the charm of burlap is it's texture and imperfections.

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Materials: Upholstery Grade Burlap, Unbleached Eco Friendly Muslin, Custom Flannel Piping, Velcro.

Custom Initial-Name